Business Operations

Pioneering the Infinite Through Leading-edge Technology and Systems

Edec Linsey System is a leading enterprise in factory automation based on the core technologies of image processing and automated control.
Proposing the best solutions for the issues you face and providing prompt responses are what we recognize as our highest mission.
As a systems builder seamlessly integrating the general functions of software and hardware design skills, manufacturing, sales, and service, we are confident that we are utterly capable of helping you achieve development, lower costs, faster delivery times, and better quality.

Image Processing
We offer factory-automation inspection systems as well as particle measurement, pattern recognition, character recognition, feature extraction, operation analysis, and other sophisticated and diverse image-processing technologies.

Control Boards
We provide commissioned manufacturing of control boards for general industrial equipment through integral in-house production that extends from part procurement through sheet-metal work, coating, PCB mounting, harness machining, and assembly.

Board Mounting and EMS
To meet customer needs that are growing ever more sophisticated and diverse, we achieve outstanding quality along with fast delivery and low cost through a system of integrated production extending from design to assembly and inspection and featuring the latest equipment.

We lead the way to next-generation technology and create new value by fusing mechanical devices and electronic technology.

Design and Development
Software and hardware needs have grown diverse in recent years, and Edec Linsey System is meeting customer demand in wide-ranging fields encompassing not just factory automation, but also office automation, databases, and more.