Product Information

Total Solutions for Image Processing

Image Processing Relation

Edec Linsey System has been engaged in image processing since its dawn some 40 years ago.
We meet your expectations by taking up new topics based on technology cultivated over many years.
From standard components to special-order parts, we accommodate a wide range of needs.


An ultra-fast, high-resolution CMOS camera.
25 million pixels, 30 fps.


High-accuracy image processing systems featuring proprietary multi-step (MS) algorithms from Edec Linsey System.

Frame Grabber Board

Support for a wide range, from analog to digital!

Motion Control Relation

We have the lineup of products for the motion control that utilize our various experiences consisting the FA control systems with motion control, PLC, or NC control.

Required to functions ( Image Processing, Motion Control, PLC ) of the device contains ONE

This is the exceeded small size motor controller equipped various functions

System Products

Edec Linsey System also offers the following product lines to meet your needs.

WM Aligner

Achieves tasks from image processing to stage control on a single computer.

二2D Dimension Measurement Systems

Achieving contactless, high-precision measurement!