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Personal Data Protection Policy

Edec Linsey System has certain measures in place to protect information that distinguishes between individuals(Personal Data Protection Policy). This policy is a standard for Fuji business activities and what we believe is a social obligation.

Personal Data Protection Policy

1.Collecting, using and providing personal data
  • (1)Personal data is acquired by legal and honest means.
  • (2)Edec Linsey System shall always clearly state our goals for using personal data and use it only within the scope of those goals.
  • (3)With the exclusion of lawful requisition or preconsent from the user, Edec Linsey System shall never disclose or give information to a third party and only use the personal data within the scope shown below under “Goals of Use”.
2. Preventing illegal access to and loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal data

Edec Linsey System shall manage personal data strictly and perform security countermeasures to ensure the data is not illegally accessed, lost, destroyed, falsified or leaked.

3. Observing laws and regulations for protecting personal data

Edec Linsey System executives, employees and workers shall observe the laws and regulations for personal data beginning with the protection laws for individuals.

4. Improving the regulations for protecting personal data

Edec Linsey System shall improve regulations to protect personal data and educate its staff to do so.

5. Disclosure, amendment and deletion of personal data

thIf Edec Linsey System receives a request to disclose, amend or delete data related to personal data protection, unless ere is a special reason not to do so, the request shall be suitably met after checking the identity of the requestee.

Goals of Use

【Collecting, using and providing personal data】

Edec Linsey System shall not use personal data for which personal consent has been acquired in advance outside the scope of the goals of use, except in cases for which its handling is approved as exceptions to laws or regulations relating to the protection of personal data. Personal data acquired by Fuji shall be used for the following purposes.

  • (1)Sales guidance relating to Fuji products and services.
  • (2)Questionnaire investigations to improve customer satisfaction and for planning and developing products.
  • (3)To perform duties required for answering customer enquiries and fast response services.
  • (4)Quick and correct support for enquiries to our service section, and if necessary, to provide information to Edec Linsey System groups, affiliates and vendors.
  • (5)Shareholder management.
  • (6)For employment purposes(includes recruitment)and personnel management.
  • (7)Other, explicitly stated goals of use given when acquiring personal data