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VI-SAI (High-Resolution, High-Speed Camera Series)

Product Overview

This 25-million-pixel, ultra-high resolution CMOS camera for industrial use is the culmination of Edec Linsey System technology, and generated overwhelming response when first unveiled at the 2010 International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment. Used in combination with WinMusic4, it achieves positioning and inspection of unprecedented precision.

CoaXPress Model(VIS-1003-XM)

CameraLink Model(VIS-1001-CM/CC)


  • Equipped with a 25-Mpixel (5,120 x 5,120 pixels) ultra-high-resolution CMOS sensor
  • Achieves the high-speed frame rate of 72 fps through CoaXPress I/F transfers, and 32 fps through Camrear Link I/F transfers.
  • Up to 32 regions of interest (ROI) can be set. By adjusting ROI, VI-SAI can grab image faster.
  • A global shutter exposes all pixels simultaneously, making the camera ideal for fast-moving objects.

Example System Configuration(CoaXPress Model)*External power supply is unnecessary.

Example System Configuration(CoaXPress Model)

Example System Configuration(Camera Link Model)

Example System Configuration(Camera Link Model)


Model code VIS-1003-XM VIS-1001-CC VIS-1001-CM
Image size 5120x5120(25M pixels)
Sensor type CMOS image sensor
Pixel size 4.5 μm (H) x 4.5 μm (W)
Scanning method Progressive
Frame rate 72fps(MAX) 32fps(25fps/8TAP)
Synchronization mode Internal synchronization
Aspect ratio 1:1
Video output CoaXPress CXP-6 x 4, PoCXP対応 Camera Link(Full), 10Tap, 85MHz
Data format Monochrome 8/10bit Bayer 8bit Monochrome 8bit
Dynamic range 53db
Trigger modes External, normal, pulse-width, fixed, software
Lens mount TFL-II mount(M48 P=0.75)
Power supply DC24V(DC18.5~26V) DC12V±10%
Power consumption 14.0W
Dimensions 80mm x 80mm x 80.6mm 92mm x 68.5mm x 135.3mm
Weight 610g 870g